Taking stock

What a busy year so far.     Of all the projects I set for myself my Blog was to be the must do each week but alass. 

My Project 52 lets see how is't  going.

So This year ( 2013 ) so far I've published


1) El Pano Morundo  This is a guitar duet with both parts played by me 

2) Jiffy Jam, one of my all time favourites 

3) Mississippi Blues what a Monster of a piece

4) Downtown Stomp  

5) Big Blind Blusey

6) Moonshadow

7) I Should have Know Better

8) Lady Maddona

9) Bainca Fiore 

10) Folk Song  this one is up on my youtube account

11) I wish  and on this one I feel that Finally my mixs have improved a little

12) Lagrima and Adelita