Creating positive musical experiences.

“ Creating  positive musical experiences."

 am often asked what advice I share with parents of my music students.

 So here it is ……… “ Nurture their love for music "   

 So how do you nurture musical talent?   

The answer to this is I guess is as individual as each child.  As they don’t come with a musical motivation handbook here are some ideas to help you and them on their musical journey.  

Make music a part of your lives. This may seem a bit obvious but it is important and easily overlooked.
Listen to many different styles of music, I often challenge guitar students to listen to music without a drummer or music that is just instrumental or acoustic.  
Sing together in the car, and dance around the kitchen.
Go to performances. There are so many free and inexpensive concerts in Brisbane featuring many many music styles. It always amazes me that more people don’t take advantage of them. Check around…local music teachers’ recitals, cafes, open mic nights, folk clubs are places to start.

Talk about different instruments when listening to music, see which sounds he/ she likes maybe this might help determine which instrument they might like to play.   

When they start lessons listen to their playing / practice, develop conversations around the arts, if you honestly do love their music making, you and they are rewarded to begin with.   

Focus your attention and energy towards the doing and sharing and of their efforts,

Remember that motivation trumps talent in all aspects of life.  

So what is the gift of music ?

For me and many others performing gives  “ The opportunity to inject a positive and uplifting message into the world .   Share this, you and others will be rewarded. 

So what is the benefit ?

While we’re probably more likely to think of psychologists when it comes to working on feelings and emotions, where do we turn to first if we want to be inspired, relaxed, excited ….. ? music, art, literature,stories, dance, theatre, film. Or some combination or mashup. Maybe playing is not only about us, nor our performance, but the work we have done to identify, cultivate, and highlight ideas we find most compelling and worth spreading. These are summed up by Michelle Obama when she said of the arts ….. The Arts are not just a nice thing or do if there  is free time or if one can afford it. Rather Paintings, poetry, and music define who we are as people.

Closing thoughts

We often wish our  ( musical ) gifts would always be embraced with open arms, bright shiny eyes, and boundless joy and enthusiasm by all who hear us.  Of course. But as any parent who has tried to find the perfect gift, cook the best meal, or buy the right clothes knows, the degree to which others will appreciate our efforts is not something we control… Good thing much of the enjoyment is in the forethought and giving, not the response to the gift

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