Creating positive musical experiences.

“ Creating  positive musical experiences."

 I am often asked what advice I share with parents of my music students.

 So here it is ………


Just a quick call out the The Brolga Theatre to say thanks guys for making us feel welcome.  Were looking forward to a return visit 

Facetime Guitar Lessons

I ve taught viva Skpye before, but lately I've been using Apples FaceTime and it's loads of fun.  The video and audio quality are high end and help make writing on the white board demonstrating ideas on the guitar easy to do. If you would like to be part of this classroom shoot me an email on


Although I am still a happy Skyper

How could this go unnoticed

Guitarras in Concert


  Guitarras!  in Concert  
A captivating night of the acoustic guitar in concert.   A performance of solo classical and fingerstyle guitar by Tim O'Brien, who is then is joined by Mia O'Brien leading the swinging Hoo Ha Band.  Between them they capture the soul of the music spirit of the masters and the essence of guitar. 
Including the Vivaldi Guitar Concerto and music from Albeniz, Bach, Stanley Myers, Tarrega, Tommy Emmanuel, Django Reinhart, with highlights from the Vocal jazz repertoire, 

Gypsy in my Soul

Our Concert performance is titled
" Gypsy in my Soul "  
This performance has spanish instrumental guitar  tunes  to swingn' gypsy tunes, for acoustic guitar and voice.
Including music from Albeniz, Bach, Sor, Stanley Myers, Tarrega, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Donahue, Guy Van Duser, Robert Johnson, Alexander Vinisky,  Django Reinhart, and the Gypsy jazz repertoire, Segovia, with Mia presenting highlights from the jazz vocal.

Taking stock

What a busy year so far.     Of all the projects I set for myself my Blog was to be the must do each week but alass. 

My Project 52 lets see how is't  going.

So This year ( 2013 ) so far I've published


1) El Pano Morundo  This is a guitar duet with both parts played by me 

2) Jiffy Jam, one of my all time favourites 

3) Mississippi Blues what a Monster of a piece

4) Downtown Stomp  

5) Big Blind Blusey

6) Moonshadow

7) I Should have Know Better

8) Lady Maddona

9) Bainca Fiore 

10) Folk Song  this one is up on my youtube account

11) I wish  and on this one I feel that Finally my mixs have improved a little

12) Lagrima and Adelita 



Big Blind Blusey

Now where was i, Can't time slip past quickly. I enjoy the idea of recording a piece a week although sometimes  with in a busy week I not sure how possible this is.  Big Blind Blusey is an instrumental 12 bars blues and is number 4 in the series I'LL be back to write some more about 2 & 3.  It is one of Pat Donahue's guitar pieces. I did makes some changes to I think the 5th Chorus the  (second improv ).  Since posting this I have discovered how to EQ a little better so maybe I'll remix this and add in a high pass filter and have everything a little clearer. I hope you enjoy this and go check out Pat Donahue playing.

Jiffy jam

Jiffy Jam has been added to project 52.  This is 2 of 52. This piece is one of the first fingerstyle guitar pieces that I started playing.  It was one of the guitar pieces that led me way from playing Classical guitar as I wanted to play more of this lively fun guitar music. It comes from a collection of guitar pieces called Heavy Neckin published by John Knowles on of the few guitarist Chet gave the title C.G.P. 

I hope you enjoy it It can be found on my soundcloud account under my links page

Project 52

Hi just a quick update i've started a project I've called simply Project 52.  The aim is to record 52 instrumental guitar pieces this year some ( I guess as the year will get busy ) will pieces that I already play and perform.  

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